Healthcare Scan 5/15

While HC stocks are starting to look strong again, I decided to look at one of my shorter term screeners.

Sector – Healthcare

Market Cap – Under 200 Billion

Price – Over $10

SMA50 – Above

SMA200 – Above

Avg daily volume – > 1 million

Forward PE – Positive


Came up with about 30 names shown below


OSUR took the top spot and is looking interesting now and longer term (posted the monthly on Stocktwits) where $18 may get retested.  The below is the daily where its flagging above the old high.  Has a fierce look it it while RSI compresses.


KND took the #2 spot as price already broke north of this triangle.  Measured move would bring the April highs into play around $15-16


The 3rd spot belongs to ANTM.  This one came all the way back to its 2015 highs to consolidate some and blast higher.   Could very well melt higher from here




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