Healthcare 6/14/17

Todays HC scan focused on stocks market cap over 50 million with average volume > 1 mln while in the Healthcare sector with price over $10 and above its 200DMA

This yielded 71 names.   We filtered this down with a slim technical scan to 24 to narrow the focus and put those 24 names through the complete level 2 filtration

Here are the 24 names that made the level 2 scan


This is how they rank coming out



Our focus will be on the names slightly above the middle of the pack (60% score) to try and time the next move.

First up is ABBV

Finally coming out of this weekly triangle.  Stock looks poised for new highs and we like this for more continuation


Next is CNC

This is something we have highlight recently because it scores well in the JXM24 but its level 2 is starting to perk up now.  Cleared is downtrend nicely, just needs to get back over the highs that started the set of lower highs.  Once it does that, a new uptrend should start


Another one is CLVS

Big picture is that gap fill back around $100.  Shorter term it broke the neckline of a smaller inverse head and shoulder while also taking out the short term downtrend.  We expect this to retest the 2017 highs


Lastly we have BKD

Long term bottom taking place.   Lower trend line hows higher lows after higher lows. Price is currently testing the longer term downtrend.  Back in 2010 and 2011 there was nice demand around this price that started massive upside moves



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