Heathcare June Seasonality

Heading into June we did our typical homework which was to focus on 3-4 names who tend to succeed in June.    Here is our watch list with historical performances in June going back to 1980


These are sorted by the 5 year average

ACAD IONS AND VRTX were the 3 we put our focus on.

We ended up buying IONS and VRTX only so this writeup will mainly show data on those names.

Below is every trading date for IONS since 1990.


Below is the 3,5,10 and inception averages along with this years action to track performance


When we focus on the average time frames and graph it, it tends to tell a story.

The worst IONS has done on average is +4.52% in June and the best was +12.47%.

As of today IONS is up 12.70% in June and we have another winner


We will apply the same method to VRTX

Below is again the raw data for each trading day


Now we organize it by the averages using our specific time lines.


Here is the chart of VRTX in June.   It looks to have plenty of upside when you compare to the 3 and 10 year averages.


My chart on VRTX was posted on Stocktwits and can be found here

On its way back to $140

While we didnt buy ACAD, its nice to check in on its progress since it only takes 1 min to pull the info together as its all automated.

ACAD hit the +10% mark for June and would have been another winner


If you like what you see and are interested in having this data provided for your specific tickers, please contact us at JXMfinancial@gmail.com



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